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Of course most of this early work is  going to be hidden in mountains, so next came the opportunity to see exactly how much space I had left for the visible bit of the layout.. the big feature is a viaduct spanning the two mountains. Here's the first run around I had with RE460 Historic.



But I wanted to do so much more here. A main station suitable for a longish rake of coaches, a couple of mountain villages, one with a small station and one with a halt. A river ( don't talk to me about the river!!) oh and a chocolate factory (well it is Switzerland!) I've been building many plastic kit models of chalets and buildings whilst I'm listening to Infotourist on Radio Beo in the evenings. The strong smell of glue is just what you need before going to bed!! A German flea market came up trumps too, with a surprising find of a number of secondhand plastic model buildings, which now they've had a bit of TLC will look great in the background. I've digressed a little, back to the space that I have ended up with to put all these villages and that river! About 1300mm by 1700mm.. not really enough, especially as I want to add a branch line off to the villages and chocy factory, and some of the curves on the main line at that point are already 420mm radius, actually even tighter at the back of the layout. Because of that long coach problem I mentioned earlier,  I think this will mean that the branch may only be suitable for a multiple unit and goods traffic, but that's fine by me!! I've got a lovely little Swiss four axle shunting diesel locomotive class Am 844  that will fill the bill perfectly!


It's October and the weather is turning... the garage is getting colder, but I've successfully completed one track end to end, that is with no points yet, and two new bridges have gone in  to span the river and a branch line. 

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