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Scenery is getting closer. The formers for the landscape shape have started going 'in'... mind you that doesn't mean they won't be 'out' several times yet!! Not unlike the main station, which as yet hasn't got a layout name, although it is actually a model of Darligen station on the Interlaken - Spiez line. We trialed it in place to check clearances, and because I was getting bored doing woodwork!


Gerald kindly pointed out that maybe I should have the main station building alongside a branch off the main line so that mainline working could continue while a local branch train sits outside the station. Great idea I thought, shouldn't take long. Well reconfiguring the track work actually took about four hours. But the working will make much more sense like this, so thanks for the advice Gerald. By the way today was the first really cold day in the Garage!!

Don't worry about the platform..
It's a mock up.. not a cock up!

Now the shunter can sit on the branch
.. allowing the mainline to work unhindered.

The branch now goes under the rising mainline
Chocolate factory to be relocated to the front of Felix 2

I had already decided to move the (Blausee Mitholtz) branch further down the mainline so that the branch would appear longer. I have taken it under the main line around  what I am calling 'main station approach curve'. This frees up my double girder bridge to be soley for the river. Yes I know it doesn't look like I've got anywhere for the water to go once it reaches the station area. Currently it's going to have to go under the platform!! (Oddly enough mimicking Kandersteg station during the 2005 floods!) But I'll think of something... or maybe you guys might be able to help?

Chocolate factory will be in front of the mountain
The upline will appear at 10 inches high up on the front of the mountain

During the week I decided to move the chocolate factory to the front of the mountain (where the loose bit of straight track is), moved for the following reasons.
1. There simply isn't room for it in the middle of the layout.
2. The middle is so hilly, there's no where flat to do any shunting.
3. I've got to create a removeable section in the middle for accessing train failures at the back of the layout, and this will be easier as a meadow, woodland and  lake (ala Blausee).

So it was change of plan this weekend, although I did manage to get prepped 2 nice mountain formers, which will take the up-line out of Felix 2 and stick it on the mountainside.

You will no doubt have also noted that alot of places where there are supposed to be dual track are only single track. A simple reason, Roco line with trackbed is not cheap, and frankly at this stage of the game, altering single track is one hell of a lot easier than changing dual! When I'm happy that the track layout is as good as it's going to get, I'll go and raid Catherine's piggy bank!!


I've not mentioned the garage door before, but it has been a bit of a problem as you can tell above. The rods of the helixes just miss, and of course my mountain is going to have to be a bit of a perculiar shape, but I think it'll be OK (famous last words!) You'll note that I have forgotten to allow for the mountainside line on the fifth former, so that'll be my first job next time! I've decided to use plasterers metal lath stapled to the formers to form a secure base for the plaster work. Someone, I think Gerald, once told me that he gets hold of out of date bandages from the local hospital to use as plaster bandages. Great idea as the Ipswich hospital is only a few hundred yards away from the garage! Don't know if I've got the nerve to ask though.

I have to admit to be getting a little tired of woodwork, so I've decided to make a few purchases..


I picked up some nice rolling stock at the Ipswich Model railway exhibition. Two small Sputnik guard vans, one BLS and one SBB. The SBB one has cabin lighting  and a blinking tail light, which looks great in the darkness of winter in the garage.


Talking of spending money, I dug deep into the moneybox this week to purchase three curved turnouts for the chocolate factory branch, now officially called the 'Lindt branch', and one smaller turnout for the back of the layout where the other branch line, now officially called the 'Mitholz branch' rejoins the down mainline. It does seem balmy to me that you spend 24 each on the turnouts and then have to take a pair of scissors to them to cutdown the overlapping roadbed. But I have to say in it's defence, the Roco track with roadbed does make a good job, a good quiet run, and as yet I've not had to 'pin' anything down as it grips really well! The pin hammer will come later.

The new turnouts that lead to the choccy factory
The Mitholz branch veers off to the left

Enough expense for now!  The decision has been made.. a bold leap forward to get those mountains 'closed up'.

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