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A few fun games to play.. including one deemed to be SO violent we never finished it's development!!

Why not test your typing speed!!? Copy the phrase below into the box , click done and you'll get the number of words per minute!

Are you a.... Beginner Novice Expert

Lights Out
Try to eliminate all the boxes to win. When you check a box, all the squares around it (one above, one below, and one to each side) are unselected. You can play in five different levels of difficulty. Addictive!

level 1 level 2
level 3 level 4
level 5

Hangman on Presidents of the USA

How fast is your mouse?!

Carl's Guess the Country Game
Enter a country name and see what clue you get!

Now time for our new 'Guess who' quiz, and unlike Mike's Infotourist quizzes, there ain't no prize!!


Anyone up for Soduko..I mean Sodukoo, I mean sewdookee, you know what I mean!!

There's nothing like a good old gooey custard pie in the kisser!

Go on... Make a face ... you know you want's just for fun!

He knows that I love him really!! So here goes.....

Why not do a doodle and print it off to keep!?

Finally here's a glimpse at a game we never completed as I eventually decided it was too violent!
Game over is non operational although you can still give him a good bash!

Don't forget to try our Oberland Picture Quiz. It sorts the men from the boys!

A number of these Flash games are derived from third Parties, so you must not copy or distribute them. Again contact us via the guestbook if you have issues!
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