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January 2010
Sometimes during 2009 the layout was so far from my thoughts, that I only remembered I had one when I looked at the website! One of the many areas that has often been thought about, and then actions postponed, is the backdrop for the whole layout and in particular the central Bietschtal Bridge. The original Bietschtal Bridge on the south ramp of the Lotschberg railway line in Canton Valais has a very..  well.. dull background in truth, and I didn't really want that. I had wondered about taking a photo myself while on holiday of a suitable valley with the necessary steep sides, then getting it blown up to hang behind, but that was troublesome. 

So nothing  ever got done to the layout's backdrop. The plain painted brick wall of the garage can be seen throughout earlier pages!
Then came Christmas 2009, and as a wonderful surprise present, Russ took to the paintbrushes, and with the aid of a photo of the Bernese alpine chain created this fabulous background which I have to admit has just blown me away. The difference to the layout look and feel is huge.


At the start of the new decade, and with renewed vigor,  I thought it would be good to take a short video of the layout. Enjoy! 

'); ');

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