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The chat page of the website was a hive of activity in the months leading up to July 2006.
A small get together of a few of the Incrowd in Basel earlier in the year had laid the foundation stone for a BIG get together.
It turned out that quite a few of us would be in the Bernese Oberland for the last week in July, so Friday the 28th was chosen, and the chat room became a hotbed of planning! Martin from Holland became a central hub (whether he liked it or not!) All that remained was for everyone that had said they would... to turn up!!


The  view over Lake Brienz from the balcony of the Hotel in Ringgenberg . It was wet, rain glistened on the terrace furniture, but things were looking up. It was getting warmer. Only ONE cloud .... would any one turn up!


Well yes... bigtime... what a turn out... here missing only Martin who was busy taking the photo!


Rosemarie (looking serious) , Pat , Carl and Liz

It was great that Rosemarie from the show could make it ... also delivering the news that Mike had said that we could all go down to the studio to say hello that evening (now there lies a mild 'arguement', but I'm not going there!)

The Dutch Contingent
Martin, Ria, Jeroen, Lisanne and Annemieke


Rod (looking worried), Les, Stella, Diana

The hotel at Ringgenberg were a little stretched (maybe a mild understatement!) But the fact that we were all together was recompense enough.
Oh and as for Rugenbrau... check the picture!

The Incrowd new generation sharing a joke.....
... about Mike...and a hard pizza!!


No one else felt the need to look into the camera Carl!!!
A pathetic attempt at stardom! But Catherine felt a need to help the hotel lady with her preparation of the terrace for the Incrowd invasion!!



As the sun came out, and the temperature rose (of the outside air, not the Incrowd) the decision was made that we should all adjourn to the terrace, causing a few 'headaches' with the hotel staff! Especially as once we were out there, we decided that eating our meal later should be done inside!! Oh you could 'cut it with a knife!'



Yes it remained dry... but now it was starting to get hot!! Typical Bernese Oberland , so it's umbrellas up!... just how many Incrowd does it take!!
Oh hell... photos are not so easy under an umbrella!


Catherine desparate to get a job in her more senior years, was trying to be helpful to the hotel staff.

Crammed into whatever vehicles we had, driven by whatever sober drivers we had, we all poured into Interlaken, and headed staright towards the Swisscom building..... Radio BeO.....and Mike!!

Radio Berner Oberland's reception

Now I'm not going to refer to that 'arguement' again, but Mike was to say the least 'shocked'... to be invaded by.... so many of the Incrowd.

It was BeO Journalist Frânzi's last day... and she tried her best to keep us entertained!!!



Undetered... no.... detered... he did his best man against 15, even managing to interview both Catherine and Diana live on air! No mean feat.... I mean Catherine was only Five!

Catherine gets her first solo radio interview!!


A proud Mother looks on... and so do a proud Les and Rod!

Momentary stardom over, it was time for more important matters, the next generation Incrowd below, not looking at the ghost in the window, but actually a kitten on the rail track outside the studio! Move you silly Cat!!


Having said our farewells to Mike... we all embraced.... and headed off into the midnight ether, some to return to their hotels, others to their campsites, some to their apartments, and a few to the nearest bar! But all with the wish that we should repeat the experience in 2007. Now where's Martin?!


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